Pick your favourite programming language!

People have gone to war over programming languages (well, with words, not fists). Which...

Can Computational Thinking be taught without a Computer?

It's a debate that many of us have participated in: do you always need a computer to te...

Food card

This is my comfort food

When your stomach needs a hug

52e26e4207494660bb37a5df64c0bc4c card

Is Jon Snow dead (and will he stay dead)?

The one question everyone's GoT on their minds.

4764440136 5556e6210b o card

Who will win the Oscar for the Best Actor?

Rickman card

Which among these is your favourite Alan Rickman role?

Images card

The craziest thing I've eaten

Chef card

2016's big food trend is going to be...

What's going to rock Indian tummies?

Beer card

My kind of beer is

A colourful question...

Biryani card

Veg Biryani is...

Your true feelings about vegetarian biryani revealed.

Film card

Which of these biopics would you love to see?

Novak djokovic hopman cup 2011  cropped  card

Who could dethrone Novak Djokovic in 2016?